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WordPress São Paulo – Super Meetup 2023

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Last Saturday, November 26th, I went to São Paulo for the Super Meetup organized by the local community. In the ElasticPress and Case Study – Without money, there is no open source that resists talk, we chatted about sustainability in Open Source discussing the model used by, by 10up.

The event was really cool and I was very happy to meet some friends again, learn a lot of cool things from the other talks, and also see 10up’s name being mentioned by the other speakers for so many different reasons.

And, as promised, here are the slides with the links:

Oh, and I did not mention it during the event, but my post-graduation final paper was also about Open Source! I created a specific page for it here: The importance of free and open source programs for Digital Marketing (in Brazilian Portuguese.)

Felipe Elia

Associate Director of Platform Engineering at 10up, WordPress Core Contributor, Global Polyglots Mentor in, and Locale Manager in the Brazilian WP Community.

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