Updating my profile on GitHub

It’s been a while since it’s possible to customize your GitHub profile. I never had any ideas to do something cool, but after watching this video, I used this tool to update my GitHub Profile.

My updated GitHub profile

The process is quite simple:

  1. Create a repository with the same name as your username. In my case, it was https://github.com/felipeelia/felipeelia;
  2. Open the tool, fill in the necessary fields and generate the README.md file;
  3. Push the file to your repository.

There is a GitHub Action that keeps the blog posts list updated, but the reference in the tool is outdated. I already sent a Pull Request with the necessary change, but you can copy it from my repository and adjust it as needed.

Here are some profiles I used as a reference:

Finally, I created an account on Ko-Fi and added that Buy me a coffee button. I don’t expect any donations, but if anyone ever wants to, there’s an easy way to do it.

Felipe Elia

Associate Director of Platform Engineering at 10up, WordPress Core Contributor, Global Polyglots Mentor in WordPress.org, and Locale Manager in the Brazilian WP Community.

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